IP Addressing

An IP computer address is a unusual systematic symbol for a link or adult joint on an IP framework. IP code is a 32 bit positional notation number, and delineate by 4 quantitative values of 8 bits each. The decimal values span from 0 to 255. This is legendary as "dotted decimal" notation.


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It is sometimes functional to vista the belief in their binary comprise.

Dotted decimal representation: 192 .189 .210 .078

Binary representation: 11000000.10111101.11010010.1001110

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Every IP address consists of framework symbol and link symbol. The IP gridiron is biramous supported on Class of introduce yourself. The class of scheme is stubborn by the prima bits of the IP computer code as shown below.

Address Classes

There are 5 dissimilar computer address classes. You can find which group any IP

address is in by examining the original 4 bits of the IP computer address.

  • Class A addresses menachem begin next to 0xxx, or 1 to 126 denary.
  • Class B addresses menachem begin near 10xx, or 128 to 191 quantitative.
  • Class C addresses originate near 110x, or 192 to 223 denary.
  • Class D addresses statesman beside 1110, or 224 to 239 denary.
  • Class E addresses instigate near 1111, or 240 to 254 quantitative.

Addresses origin near 01111111, or 127 decimal, are restrained for loopback and for interior carrying out tests on a district piece of equipment. Class D addresses are conventional for multicasting. Class E addresses are silent for approaching use. They should not be used for grownup addresses.

Now we can see how the Class determines, by default, which segment of the IP computer code belongs to the lattice (N) and which part belongs to the Host/node (H).


In the example, is a Class C code so by absence the Network part of a set of the address (also certain as the Network Address) is definite by the basic iii octets (192.189.210.XXX) and the connexion component is circumscribed by the finishing one octets (XXX.XXX.XXX.078).

In order to require the meet people computer code for a specified IP address, the connexion portion is set to all "0"s. In our example, specifies the web computer code for When the node cubicle is set to all "1"s, it specifies a boast that is sent to all hosts on the network. specifies the show computer address.

Private Subnets

There are iii IP framework addresses shy for confidential networks. The addresses are,, and They can be utilized by everyone location up interior IP networks, specified as an computer network. Internet routers ne'er send the head-to-head addresses over the state-supported Internet.

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