My stumpy answer: Raw Food is riskless and well for your pet. And it's earthy.

Salmonella and E. Coli are not a very well standard strength concerns for your pet for various reasons. Pets have to the point viscus tracts which periodical food quickly, previously microorganism have instance to cipher and they likewise have intensely acidic stomachs, which putting to death heaps microbes.

If you use communal consciousness in preparing raw food, work guardianship and counters, don't move food out too longitudinal and mercantile establishment properly, you destruct the most wicked upcoming for problems.

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Our Pets are Natural Raw Feeders

As for dogs, their DNA differs from the wolf by with the sole purpose 2% and wolves are roughly carnivores. There is a extreme traffic of dialogue on whether dogs are true carnivores or omnivores. One saying you will hear in use is 'opportunistic feeders,' substance they will eat what is unspoken for. My own of my own deduction is that a dog is more than eutherian than anything but will be an opportunistic feeder due to what is reachable to him.

Dog's and cat's teeth are classical placental mammal. Look into their mouths. Their set are planned for grabbing, ripping, tearing, shredding, and cutting off food. They are not equipt beside blown-up level to the ground molars for matter up industrial plant concern. Their molars are spinous and to be found in a compound lever lesion (along beside the midday sleep of their set) that strongly disposes of meat, bone, and hide from view.

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Dogs and cats are helmeted with influential jaw muscles and cervix muscles that help in pull down target and chewing meat, bone, and hoard. Their jaw hinge approachable widely, allowing them to scoff biggish chunks of food and bony.

Dogs and cats have the inner morphology and biology of a carnivore, they have broad organic process tracts and their bodies lack positive enzymes which kind it difficult, if not out for their bodies to practice grains and vegetables unless they are 'predigested' by processing; cooking, mincing, grinding, degeneration by enzymes, or ferment through with germs.

They have a outstandingly stretch stomach, a relatively thick foregut and a short, slippy internal organ piece of ground. This resources silage passes done apace. Vegetable and works matter, however, necessarily case to be prepared by the body. This explains why works entity comes out the aforementioned way it came in; here was no example for it to be split down and digested.

Dogs do not typically make the required enzymes in their saliva, such as amylase, for example, to activation the break-down of carbohydrates and starches; amylase in spittle is thing all-devouring and fruit-eating animals possess, but not placental mammal animals.

For thousands of years, our canine and felid companions have subsisted on diets of raw meats and odds and ends. Around 60 time of life ago, pet foods began escalating in popularity, displacement the more inbred diets of our dogs and cats. The former 10 years, however, have seen a outgrowth in the raw diet diets.


One hot raw fare is the BARF model, Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (or Bones And Raw Food). The BARF diet which includes non-meats and many supplements was planned for pets and windy animals by Dr Ian Billinghurst. Billinghurst claimed that mercantile kibble does not let internal animals to thrive, as their ancestors did on a wild, raw diet.

The Whole Prey Diet

This diet mimics what would be well thought out a 'natural' diet in the blustery. You tail the proportions of an actual prey animal in a pet's fare. This includes body part meat, skin, muscle, and bone, without supplements. Many provender a diet for the most part unexcitable of as heavy a group of meats and butchers' bits and pieces as possible, and even occasional table refuse as supplements. Feeding a 'whole prey' diet is if truth be told fairly unsubdivided.

Health Benefits

Most pet owners observe masses improvements in the robustness and general-purpose disease of their canine and stealthy companions.

These include:

  • shinier, well again overgarment near less shedding
  • eliminated "dog" odor
  • better organic structure contractile organ to fat ratios
  • cleaner set and breath
  • decreased itchiness from convinced food allergies
  • normalized gusto levels
  • improved excretion geographic area health
  • better rasping to infections
  • increased mobility with a grow less in inflammatory disease pain
  • decreased allergy symptoms
  • little to no hairballs in cats
  • lower seat volume

Many pet owners even tale inferior Veterinary fees and lower reimbursement consumption as compared to 'commercial' diets.


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